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Sleep and Dreams, The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

The Definitive Guide To Lucid Dreaming For Beginners And Beyond! Fully Illustrated Ebooks And Professional Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis Sessions. Takes You Down The Rabbit Hole, Teaching You How To Have Lucid Dreams And Use Them For Wild Virtual Adventures!

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    I tried to upgrade my sleep experience with lucid dreaming—here’s what happened

    You know that feeling when you’re in the midst of an amazing dream—like, you and Michael B. Jordan are relaxing on the beach and he tells you…? Wait! No! The alarm clock woke you up and you missed his declaration of love. Or how about when you’re ...

    It's not just children! Grown adults also suffer from dramatic night terrors

    Over the years I’ve tried medication, relaxation techniques and good sleep habits without success. Finally, though, I’ve managed to cut the frequency of my nightmares and eradicate my terrors after trying a new technique known as lucid dreaming that ...

    Want to control your dreams? Here’s how you can

    then going back to sleep in order to enter a REM sleep period, in which dreams are more likely to occur. 3. MILD (mnemonic induction of lucid dreams) – which involves waking up after five hours of sleep and then developing the intention to remember that ...

    Vitamin B6 can help you recall your dreams

    Lucid dreaming is when you are dreaming, and you become aware of it. It occurs during the REM stage of the sleep cycle. Lucid dreaming has potential benefits like reducing the number of nightmares, improving problem solving and creative skills, treating ...

    Dormio: Interfacing with Dreams to Augment Human Creativity

    During sleep onset, a window of opportunity arises in the form of Hypnagogia, a semi-lucid sleep state where we all begin dreaming before we fall fully unconscious. Hypnagogia is characterized by phenomenological unpredictability, distorted perception of ...

    MIT Developed Dormio Lets You Interact With Your Dreams

    Using Dormio you fall asleep as you normally would, but the transition into stage 2 sleep is tracked and interrupted. This suspends you in a semi-lucid state where microdreams are inceptable, allowing direction of your dreams. Science brains like Edison ...

    Vitamin B6 found to aid dream recall, and potentially enable lucid dreaming

    A study found vitamin B6 taken before sleep significantly increases a person's ability to ... It is hoped that the specific vitamin could be recruited in the future to aid the process of lucid dreaming. The new research was inspired by a small experimental ...

    Want to remember your dreams? Try taking Vitamin B6, new study suggests

    It all started when Dr. Denholm Aspy, from the University’s School of Psychology, took a B6 supplement right before going to sleep. “I actually took a B vitamin supplement one night and then noticed that I had really vivid lucid dreams the next night.
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