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When America Sneezes

America is in troubles. In fact America is in deep sh*t.

Apart from the sub-prime mortgage crisis, other problems America is facing are:

  • The falling value of the US dollars – about 10% against the Sing dollar since last year
  • The price of crude oil shooting up to record level – more than  US100/barrel
  • 75 million baby-boomers cashing out their 401k for retirement in the next 10 years
  • The widening trade deficit with her major trading partners –  creating billions of dollars in deficit

Economists and academics have indicated  that the US may  already be in a  recession.


Re-invent Your Future

The world is changing at a breath-taking pace. Life, society and economics are becoming more complex. The nature of work is radically changing. Merger, acquisition, retrenchment , out-sourcing and business restructuring are the catch-phrases of the day. It is an age of change and uncertainty.


Incredible Breakthroughs in NLP Techniques

Discover the secrets of the new breakthroughs in NLP. Continuous live updates on the topic here.


Presuppositions Of NLP

Before we can effectively use NLP, it would be helpful to get an idea of the convenient assumptions of NLP:


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